Officina Tipografica Novepunti (OT9pt) is an association for cultural and social promotion born in 2010 in Milan, Italy. Its goal is to preserve and promote the art and culture of letterpress printing with moveable type.

To do so it organizes different activities for its members — like conferences and workshops — and runs its own artworks production. Besides promotion and production, OT9pt collects and repairs antique printing tools (like presses, types and other tools).

As non-profit association, OT9pt wants to be a place where letterpress lovers can meet each other and socialize, thanks to events organized in its workshop and by giving access to the printing equipment to its members. During open hours at the workshop, anyone who wants to work and help — by printing or just upkeeping the space —  is more than welcome. 

In May 2014 OT9pt received the honorable mention of XXIII Compasso d’Oro, one of the most important Italian Design Awards.

In 2012, OT9pt founded the Letterpress Workers International Summit, a short-term artistic residence for printers, typographers, and graphic designers that takes place every year in Milan.

Our Activities
The Association has three main activities: restoration, community engagement, and production.

Research, acquisition, and maintenance of letterpress printing materials, such as movable types, presses and tools with the aim of making them available again for artistic and experimental use. 

Community Engagement
From the general public to design professionals, OT9pt teaches the basics of letterpress printing to increase awareness and inform the work of graphic design while creating new synergies between analog and digital techniques.

The activities hosted are both theoretical (conferences, exhibitions, video projections, and seminars) and practical, like the organization of workshops and public working sessions. Conferences and workshops are open to everyone. The minimum age of participation is 8 years.

OT9pt produces posters, postcards, and books. Design and execution is always a collective process, full of opportunity for mutual knowledge, dialogue, and exchange.