The prints are part of the Novo Typo Offgrid project (started on January 2020). This project is a continuation of the Typewood and the Type and Color project. If a designer can design his own multicolored letters, publish his books, print his own work, he also should be able to produce his own paper. These prints are made from recycled paperpulp originally from the collected print-leftovers of earlier projects such as Typewood (2016), Novo Typo Color Book (2017) and Type and Color (2019). The paperpulp is mixed, on a 50/50 base, with original sawdust woodpulp from Amsterdam grown poplar trees. This makes it original ‘Novo Typo Amsterdam’ handmade paper which makes every sheet unique.
The multicolored Bixa Color Typewood typeface (produced in 2015) used for the posters are showing the typographic contrast theories developed for multicolored typography.
Within the Novo Typo Offgrid project Mark van Wageningen is searching for the possibility to design a self-sufficient design office. Everything is -D.I.Y.- handmade by the designer. Can a designer recycle his own work?
Prints are produced in a limited edition of 10 copies and handprinted by Mark van Wageningen at the Grafisch Werkcentrum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2020.
About Mark van Wageningen / Novo Typo
Mark van Wageningen is the founder of Novo Typo, a (typo)graphic design studio and font foundry in Amsterdam. In January 2015, Mark started the Typewood project. Typewood is a research project about designing, deconstructing, and transforming multicolored digital typefaces into wooden type for letterpress.