Chris Fritton (aka The Itinerant Printer) has been traveling North America since 2015 visiting different letterpress print shops. At each of the studios, he works only with the materials available to him; he brings nothing on the road but paper, ink, and the clothes on his back. This modern-day version of a tramp printer has visited close to 200 shops, covered almost 100,000 miles, and made over 25,000 prints on the road. He has collaborated with dozens of artists along the way, using his brief visits as an opportunity to learn new techniques, explore unusual possibilities, and share his unique style of printing. 

The unorthodox, nomadic model has allowed Fritton to produce a massive, eclectic body of work — one that’s predicated not on any particular style, but on the materials he finds along the way. It’s an index of the time he spends in the shops as well as what they have in their collections. It’s creativity within constraint, and the results are often as curious and perplexing as they are striking.