My passion for letterpress printing started in 1994, working for Fossil on an annual report and printing at Hatch Show Print. Then in 2001, I began my journey into letterpress printing.

The work produced is reflective of research into vintage/retro aesthetics. My employment at Fossil Watch as a creative director for nine years immersed me into the 1940’s-1950’s images, publications, photography, and illustration.

I use retro images in new ways by manipulating and bringing new context to their communication. My research includes past advertisements, pulp fiction novels such as science fiction, detective, and especially western. It thrills me to visually see the color palette, typography, and writing, which draws the audience into the piece.

I design all the work and write the content that is printed on two Vandercook Proof Presses. The studio has ten cabinets of metal and wood type. The images and type are carved out of MDF wood on a CNC Router. Previously the work was cut into linoleum; however, for better craftmanship, I now employ the use of newer technology.

My vision for future work is finding new ways to print using retro imagery with humor that brings a smile or inquiry from the audience.