I am designer and printer interested in notions of American identity, race, and culture. My work draws on a common cultural language of objects, stories, stereotypes, and experiences as a starting point to draw attention to the disparities between what we see,  and how we are seen. With a background in advertising and graphic design, my work tends to be message-based and typographic. I seek to re-present implicit and explicit ideas of race in a way that invites/provokes a conversation with the viewer.

My favorite medium is ink on paper. Typically my work takes the form of letterpress printed books, broadsides, and ephemera, but has grown to include installation and other forms as dictated by the content. I am interested in current events, unearthed histories, cultural slang, unspoken rules, and dirty laundry. I place my work in the tradition of a tragicomic hope that has been expressed through the history of black art and music. Truth tellers in all areas of popular culture inspire my work—from writers and artists to comedians and emcees.