Argyros Forum, 2nd Floor
Chapman University
Orange, California

July 30th, 2021–May 23rd, 2022

Chapman University is thrilled to present Ink on Paper: A Letterpress Showcase as a continuing exhibition from the OC Great Park Gallery in Irvine during the summer of 2021. Rotating work from several artists in the show will be displayed July 30th, 2021–May 23rd, 2022 on the second floor of Argyros Forum on the main Chapman campus. This exhibition will give visitors unique insight into the art of letterpress through prints, processes, photography, and publications.

Exhibiting artists include Tia Blassingame, Ben Blount, Chris Chandler, Michelle and Angie Dreher, Jennifer Farrell, Diane Fine, Chris Fritton, Jennifer Graves, Dirk Hagner, Richard Kegler, Casey McGarr, Officina Tipografica Novepunti, Leslie Ross-Robertson, Mama’s Sauce, Studio on Fire, James Lewis Tucker, Mark Van Wageningen, Brad Vetter, Eileen Wallace, David Wolske, and a selection of excerpts from the book UPPERCASE PRINT/MAKER.

Letterpress printing is performed by artisans from a variety of backgrounds, locales, ethnicities and ages, as this “Ink on Paper” exhibition demonstrates. The 20 installations in the show—featuring large expressive photos of the printers, detailed descriptions of their methods and passions and examples of their completed work – reflect this diversity. — Liz Goldner, Irvine Weekly   Irvine Weekly